Goodbye for now!

Syas on July 13, 2010

Not much else to say. :( Sorry, guys. I know I said I'd make a new miniseries and all that, but life's just too much for me right now. Honestly, I've grown EXTREMELY tired of Runway, and I feel a little trapped when I can't work on the projects that I'm really excited about because I have to keep updating Runway. Not to mention, I have other art projects for people, such as commissions and requests, and it's not fair to them when I have to finish their projects late because of Runway. It's all just a burden that's grown too big for me right now.

In yet, I still love these characters to death, and I still have a lot planned for Runway, so it's not the end yet. :) I'll be back as soon as possible, even though it won't be soon at all, but still. I'll return someday, and I promise you all, I'll return refreshed and better than ever. :)

Keep updated on my status, and check out my new projects on my deviantART:

Thank you all, again, for your comments and support. :)