no-name's death

HAZARD on June 13, 2006

anyway this is going back a bit into cleaver's past when he found his daughter, no-name, dead in the bathroom from suicide with his cleaver. this is cleaver's breaking point to where he goes off to murder and maim for a few years until he turns about 52 and meets krane in a bar, and no-name was 19 when she died and cleaver was 41. so at least 12 years of killing. man….that's too much for me.
anyway he avoids any contact from anyone, hugs, hand shakes, so on by anyone until something happened when he was 52 and he went to pinny's bar to drown out his sorrows….probably meeting ki again after so many years.
ki by the way was put in jail for child abuse and rehab for his alcoholic problem and apologizes to cleaver for everything he did in the past that caused no-name's death. so ya
that pretty much somes it up.
when krane is all preggers and he becomes attached to cleaver, cleaver in return, becomes clingy as well and over protective of krane for fear something might happen to him so he tries to stay by krane's side at all times except when krane is flying….and it makes cleaver sad when he flies off. for the sheer fact that he can't fly and follow krane so there are some instances of cleaver loosing his clinginess. *cough*