Sacriliicious #20 - Rigorous Study

Kiah on Sept. 5, 2008

No news from Vic as of yet, we've both got school going on right now so it's a bit tough to be able to meet up and work on these things. Ah well.

Right now, I'm getting used to life at the Art Institute of Boston (not affiliated with those OTHER sketchy Art Institutes) and the commute I have to deal with to get there. I'm trying to lighten up my schedule a bit so I can have an easier time of my first semester and once that's done I think it'll be a bit easier to keep up on comic work. I just got a brand new Macbook Pro (and subsequently loaded Windows Vista on it tee hee!) which should help me with that!

Ideally, we'll be moving to two strips a week sometime in the next few weeks if we can work out some kind of meeting time to write. Until then, however, both Starsign and Sacrilicious will update a day later thant hey usually do. Every Saturday we'll see a new Sacrilicious and every Sunday we'll have a new Starsign. I'm also working on a short, 10 page comic about a witch and her chinchilla familiar. Yes, I know, it's ridiculous. I'm hoping to offer it up to some anthologies or something, we'll see how that goes.

So yes, Saturdays and Sundays now! Hopefully soon we can update Sacrilicious on Wednesdays AND Saturdays, I'll talk to Vic about it.

Final note: I feel good about the art on this page. I think school is already helping! *cackle*