Page 01: The Beginning

Azaeziel on July 24, 2007

Page One.

And so, it begins…

I won't bother telling you who everyone is, cause over the course of the comic, you should come to know us all pretty well. All I can say is alot of thought went into who is sitting where, and that will be slightly important to understand who is who over the next few pages.

This comic jumps back and forth occationally between the ‘real’ world and a world ‘of our own creation’, as it were. The transitions should be easy to follow, but if you don't get it, feel free to let us know and we will work at explaining it better.

This is going up Wednesday, but we won't be here. We're at Comic Con San Diego! WooT! Both Waxengoddess and myself (Azaeziel) are on staff for the Con (Guest Relations, feel free to come by and poke us with sticks if you are there).

Please leave a comment and let us know that you are reading this, we would appreciate it. It is co-written by Waxengoddess and myself, drawn (penciled and line arted) by me, inked, colored, and backgrounded by Waxengoddess, and then scanned and posted by me, so it is a fully collaborative effort by the two of us. Hope you like it. Thank you!