Supercreep # 2 post 7

royduncan100 on Jan. 22, 2013

Wow ! it just keeps getting better with each post!  i'm bringing the thunder ! Now on to a very serious subject, twinkies. as a child many of us grew up with twinkies. it was a house hold staple. you see back in the day we were made hard as nails. broken arm, walk it off, concussion, walk it off, and so on. the youth of today are a bunch of pussies! you get a cold and you die. it is my humble opinion that the human race is breeding itself towards extinction. back to the twikies, we ate them, we read the ad's in the comics, and we watched the tv ad's. Now they are just another victem of the nanny state saying it's unhealthy, along with union and corporate geed it became the perfect poison to destroy another piece of yesterday. now i know you are thinking “hey old man, why wasn't that stuff bad for you back in the day?”. it's simple we ran, played, fought, rode bikes and did what ever else we could to get in trouble. it's crazy how many calories you can burn when you are running to avoid a major ass beating from brothers or angry parents. rest in peace twinkies, you will be missed !