Supercreep # 3 post 5

royduncan100 on March 14, 2013

Chapter one was about how people think dislike and hate are the same thing. THEY ARE NOT ALIKE AT ALL ! It was also explaining some loose plot points of the last issue while setting up the rest of this issue. This issue is about the cost of change in one's life. it does not matter if you choose the change or some outside source makes the change for you, there is always a cost to changes in life. it's all part of strange karma of the universe, even when it's what you think is a change for the better there is always a negative side to it. That's just the way it is kid's. life has been kicking the shit out of me with a lot of changes as of late and i am not seeing any positive up side to it. trust me i am looking high and low for the silver lining, still no sign of it. and don't tell the up side is that i got a story out of it or i will hunt your ass down and dispatch you with extreme violence !