Supercreep #4 post 14

royduncan100 on May 8, 2013

Yep! He's eating lightning and crapin' thunder ! It's no secret that i have been having a very hard year so far. As i do the comic it is a journey of re-self discovery for me and SUPERCREEP. Trust me, it's when shit hits the fan and those closest to you bail that you will find out what you are made of. Me, i've always said that i'm to stupid to stay down when knocked down. I refuse to beg for scraps from the tables of other people. I'm still here to tell everyone that i always get back up when knocked down and for those who can't or won't recognize the greatness i just have say kiss my fat white ass! i have enough faith in me to be better than all of those people who will bail out when it gets rough. those people know exactly who they are and they at the end of the day know in their hearts that i am right !