400k - What Goes Around...

MacLPirata on Nov. 30, 2008

Ok, as if I wasn't slacking enough… This was actually going to post on 11/16, but I had to redo it. Occasionally I'll use people I know as models for nameless characters. Turns out that one of them has actually been a victim of this sort of thing. How insensitive would it have been for me to put it up after being told this? So I didn't post it. And then I couldn't redo the face because I kept drawing her. And then life got in the way. And there was a rock in my shoe and the sun was in my eyes and I didn't eat breakfast and there were bugs in the outfield and I tripped so I didn't catch the ball and yeah.

Here's your comic.

Thanks a bunch to everyone who signed the petition! I know it's way past over, but WE HIT IT! We actually obliterated that 1,000,000 signature goal to the tune of over 5,000,000! Awesome, yeah?

And a promise is a promise. I've posted a total of 4 comics now and will continue to crank them out (faster) until I've made 1 for every 25,000 signatures to 1,000,000. Who knows? It may turn into something regular after that. Maybe. It's a tricky comic to do. Very delicate, y'know? I've got a few more ideas, though.

Hope you enjoy and thanks again for your support!