425k - It's True!

MacLPirata on Dec. 12, 2008

Once again, the mark has WELL past and, yet, I still feel compelled to complete my pledge. Damn conscious. Heh he no, really. I love doing this strip. It is difficult to write, but I feel the cause still needs a champion. So, until s/he shows up, I'll just hold the mantle.

I've decided this will become a weekly strip with updates happening on Saturdays. Welcome. This is the first official SERIAL update. I'm still going to do the remaining 23 comics. I don't know if it'll continue after that, but, hey, it could happen! I've still gotta find the pulse of the comic. I can see it happening.

Make sure to tell the people over at Rocket XL just how freakin' AWESOME they are for signing on with the cause. UNIFEM definitely chose their people wisely. If nothing else, Rocket XL has a pretty sweet website. Go check it out.

See ya next week! Unless you read my other comics. Then I'll probably see you again in a few hours ;)