House Wife "What does this mean...Divorce?"

Conned on April 21, 2007

First time? Please start at the beginning! This exhibition is finished :)

It's a Pop Art piece influenced by Roy Lichtenstein (ofcourse).
Qu'est ce c'est?! Is something I used to say ALOT. Brother, it's the best french sentance the french have ever come up with. If you can pronounce French words then you'll understand it too!

I LOVED PAINTING THIS! Damn, there's something very satisfying about painting red. hmmm red…

Anyways, the story goes:
The man says “I think we should get divorced…”
The woman says “STRIKE ONE!” but in french Qu'est ce c'est Divorce? means What is this?..Divorce?
She's not as dependant and innocent as she seems.

It's called HouseWife. Dressed and drawn in the typical 50's clothing, hairstyle (note the flower!). Acrylic Paint!

Comedy comedy! I've had several offers for this piece actually, maybe I'll take it into print!

P.s You'll notice I didn't actually finish painting the bottom of her dress. And some bitch dripped white paint on it too. One day I'll find out who did it and…