Leone's Urban Adventures (series) 2

Conned on March 31, 2007

Basically I searched for photos which would be defined as Ghetto, Street, Gangster, Urban, and then I used Adobe photoshop to draw myself in.

It's all about my gangster side, but being black/white it also makes me an outsider. So it's all about me being black on the inside and white on the outside.

Another way of looking at it is me, and other random creatures, exploring the world of Urban. I tried to choose pictures of the most secret/ghetto places. So there arn't normally alot of people and there probably lots of vandalism :)! Yes!

Turns out these creatures weren't as random as I though they were…Monkeys: “Monkey on my back” famous lyrics, but it's supposed to be a symbol of mischief. The monkey on the back of someone makes you do bad stuff :) And then there's the serpant.

We all know the evil serpant's story.

So, Enjoy one of my favourite series :)