Chapter 1 page 21

Pedes on March 8, 2011

I decided that for each new page I will allow myself to fix something on one previous page; this way I will both motivate myself to do new pages and fix some terrible things on old pages (I want to avoid redrawing them completely but there are things that are bugging me TOO much). This update comes with slight improvements of the previous page; nothing big, some cropping and tones changes for better storytelling.

This page is sponsored by livestreams of Chira, artist of Sfeer Theory because seriously, when you see how she can go on for 15+ hours at a time day by day it REALLY stirs your ambitions.

Also: if you are webcomic whore you can check my recommendations here: (still in WIP stage though)

And in case you are totally procrastinating, these are the places I mess up… er, where appear on the web.!/p_the_wanderer (NSFW like, seriously)