He what, now?

Demeter on July 8, 2007

Ah, Satu…Satu, Satu, Satu… You assume that if you start telling people the rules, they'll understand that they're rules. Also, he assumes that she isn't horribly confused. I love him, though. I worked hard on that first panel of him, so I'm hoping it turned out good. Satu's hair and eyes were given a little extra devotion, particullarly in the first panel…and the brown stuff? dirt. I think he was doing something in the garden out back before he popped up here.

Now, what he's saying about cake and clothes isn't just filler. there is, as there is for a lot of the comic, a folkloric tradition surrounding what gifts to give to a particular type of fae (to be mentioned shortly – brownie points to anyone who can guess it before it's revealed, but only if you don't already know.) and how to give them. clothes are a no-no, but the first or best of any food is more or less required, but no gift can be given to them directly. fae have all sorts of crazy rules… Poor Cherry, she has to live with all those rules now. Well, she's got spunk. she can take it. mostly. maybe.