Filler: Glamer

Demeter on Aug. 3, 2007

A glamer, since it'll come up in a few pages, is a variety of illusion practiced by Fae. Yeah. That's what there is about this picture, except… well, why I drew it. Occaisonally, I do senseless things. I don't know why. One day, perhaps sometime last year, perhaps earlier, I decided to draw from a list of 100 themes I found on Deviantart. I, for some odd reason, while never really devoting too much effort to it, and forgetting it frequently, never quite abandoned the idea. So from time to time I'll make some progress, like the week I drew this while watching either re-runs of Mythbusters or old, teevo-saved episodes of Hells' Kitchen. It was one of several.

when you read this, I am to be in Florida, where I will be enjoying many Virgin Pina Coladas and doing other stuff, I assume. I am probably having a very nice time except for the frequent, emotional argument between a friend of mine I decided to take with me and I, which usually result in at least one of us crying and me using the bizzarely high-pitched (for me), happy tone of voice I use when I've just about reached my limit and I'm having one such conversation with her. it's kind of sing-songy, can't imagine where I picked it up… but I'm still probably having a great time.

It's a unicorn RP I run, recently moved to invisionfree. Join it. It's good. Join it. It's good. Join it. It's good… are you getting brainwashed yet?