1. Sunday Drive (Front)

Master of Vuric on Feb. 2, 2010

09/06/05 So, here's the story from the beginning, for a while, in school, I'd been doing doodles of an anthropomorphic seed, and most of them were of him horribly maimed or in the middle of being horribly maimed, with the name “Death By Fire”, or something similar by each doodle. I called these collections of gory drawings the “Death Bys”. One day, in science, I decided to do a one off comic strip about Seedy to kill time and since I had a large enough piece of paper with me. So I made this, and I'm still making Seedy Comics today. It's on green paper because, strangely enough, I had a sheet of it loose in one of my books. On to the plot of my first ever comic, I have no idea where it came from. It was 2005 and I can't remember. But this comic is to me the ultimate original and classic Seedy Comic. I didn't bother to come up with a personality for Seedy when I started because the comics were only about violence at that point, and I didn't worry about his Bart Simpson hairstyle either because I never thought I'd make over a hundred of these. Seedy was just a stupid unimportant character I was messing around with.