Page 17 - Why I Haven't Updated In So Long

luclucluc on Aug. 9, 2011

Well ok, that's not really what happened. Except for the error message at the end. Basically whenever I try loading the Ctf_2fort map in Garrysmod (That's the map the comic's last two chapters were made on), the game crashes and gives that error message. And it happens every. Damn. Time. So until that's fixed, I'm just going to leave the current chapter hanging for awhile (Right when it was about to get good too…) and start work on the next chapter, hopefully using a map that won't crash Garrysmod when I try to use it.
On an unrelated note, there are 7 not so cleverly hidden easter eggs in the background of this page. There were going to be 2 more, but one wound up completely hidden behind a character and one's just impossible to recognise at the distance the screenshot was taken from. Anyway, whoever can name all 7 of the easter eggs wins a crate (Assuming the winner has TF2 at least). Why? For the lulz.