012 DrugsAreBadSoUseThisInstead

Sei on March 4, 2010

This happened more than a year ago in my lunch room- longer than when I last updated har har…

The entire conversation went like this:
Sze had been staring at the coffee whitener for a while then reached for it. He poured some if its contents onto the table and exclaimed:
Ha ha! This looks like coke!

His girlfriend Elle looked at him nonchalantly.

Sze: Hey, would you sniff some if I did?
Elle: No.
Sze: C'mon, we'll do it together!
Elle: Fine, you do it first.
Sei quietly eats lunch as this spectacle unfolds.

Sze sniffs and chokes.
Sze: Oh fuck! It burns! (coughs and laughs at the same time)
Elle: Haha, you dumb ass. (clearly amused)
Sze: Okay, it's your turn.
Elle: No.

Sze: (turns to me) Sei, you wanna try some?
Sei: (I smile and politely decline) No thanks. (I continue to eat)

Sze: Haha, I'm going to write a note here that says ‘Free coke, help yourself’.

And that ends it. Sze is totally amusing and hilarious- some things that he does I don't think I could mention as they're more perverted than what I could muster…

As for my long absence, well, I just wasn't motivated or inspired. And I was super busy with school, work, and other events in my life such as moving twice in the past four months. Seriously, don't ever do that, it's just too tiring ~_~.

If you've gotten through that long post, good for you, you deserve a pat on the back/cookie/lolli/ice cream- none of which I can provide :(.