Old Friends

MeaKitty on Jan. 10, 2012

**There's a mini-rant on the home page of Seke Statha that explains my absence and the gap in dates here. Please feel free to hop on over to http://sekestatha.weirddreamsink.com to catch up if you're interested. If not, here's the next page anyway.**
More things that just fall into place as I go. There's a lot of reasons I've chosen these particular panels, you'll understand later. But for now enjoy the mystery that is/was/will be “Mr ‘Suney” until I can get around to drawing the next page. 
Also, special mention to my bestest (and, well, only real life) brother for *ahem* letting me use his presciousness in that last panel. That’s his baby Holden VL, his pride and joy, and his Facebook profile panel photo. Stolen for the purposes of…. well, because I wanted to. I loves my brother, even if he's a car nut…. on top of being a regular nut. XD