#12 Hand Drawn subpart 1

JoarenTH on April 12, 2009

This is what i been doing that last 2 weeks with trying to complete homework and such for classes. Next week i hope to have a finished one with color and background. Just don't complain to me that my drawing skill is bad because i know this well. I do admit though it was fun drawing it. also this is not a late April fool's joke, i just didn't add the text and don't complain about lack of eyes or how the hands are, i know this because i generally suck with making good eyes and good hands. Text will be on the next week finished one of this page though along with everyone with eye's.

*Update 4/19/09* I have finals this week and alot of work to do: make a short story that is 4 to 5 pages long, finish 2 programs and 2 homework assignments, fix up 2 programs then finally complete a take home final.
the finished colored comic will be posted next week or you get a cookie.

*Update 5/01/09* Haven't felt like making a comic the last 2 weeks, will resume making the comic when i feel the will to create more.

*Update 7/19/09* Im still alive but been too busy and too lazy to make more comics, i wont be getting rid of the comic but i will randomly post finish comics when i have nothing better to do.