Prologue - 9, 10

Metruis on Sept. 15, 2009

I made a tutorial for how I put together my comic pages! Woo.

Part one, the resources: sprites and how to make them, backgrounds and where to get them, and the writing part:
Part two: assembling a sprite comic, which basically comes down to ‘make everything in seperate layers and or windows so you can move it around a lot’:
Part three: a brief lesson on understanding panelling with stick figures:

@yoshi freak They're highly popular amongst MapleStory players. Sleepywood is pretty cool, except almost everyone on there is an oldbie who thinks everyone should have to get to level 70 on Master Chronos just like they did. >_>

@Lexxorodius Though I appreciate the critique, I'm resizing panels to get a certain look, to fit the storytelling. If resizing by 100/200/300% etc doesn't look right I'm going to resize by something that's going to make the panel look right. =( In this case, I can see very clearly what you mean (it does look pixely) but if I'd gone any bigger I would've lost the ledge on the size, I needed to be in the middle. I'll keep it in mind for future panels, though. Thanks for the comment and the recommend! :D Hope you enjoy future pages.

@xVegitox Thanks! Hope you enjoy it!