A note to my readers...

Evil_Snuffkin on Feb. 22, 2007

FINALLY! I learnt how to colour comics and now I'm actually making a story that isn't in grayscale. So here you go, Shadoshousa (Shadow Runner), my first ever computer coloured comic. This is a massive learning experience for me so I'd really love to hear your advise on how to improve this graphically.

Also, at the moment I can't guarentee regular updates because, like I said, I'm pretty new to this so pages may take me longer than Bomb Shrapnel to complete. I hope this won't put too many of you off because, as with all my comics, I spend a lot of time working on the story and trying make things entertaining for my small audience ^_^'

One more thing, unlike Bomb Shrapnel this comic is not yaoi. It may have a few references to boy love but nothing any worse than something like Naruto (not that I would ever compair myself to the greatness of that show *cowers at its greatness*). Still, the violence is extreme (and in colour!); think people being ripped in half, eatten alive, blown up and you've pretty much got the jist of it.

Well, anyway, enough of my rambling. Tell me what you think so far, I really need your imput on this one.