RealityTwist on Nov. 14, 2008

Well Ok. It has been brought to my attention that I have left my good internet readers in the dark about some key things on how the Shadow Paw world works (Thank you for mentioning the lack of this Harkovast).

This page was a bit of a prologue that is at the begining of Chapter 1 (first 20 pages or so) and was added when I made the print copies of that chapter because I felt it needed to be said. I forgot to put it up on here. Oops.

Oh a note about the Narutoesque headbands… I put it in Mostly for Bikkou (the rabbit character) as a tongue in cheek joke that I based this series a bit off Naruto, and a bit off Usagi Yojimbo (both series are Great and I reccomend them both). Anyway, I just thought it was something that was mildly whitty and honestly the carrot made more sense than say a copy written leaf.

Anyway enough babble out of me Toshubi, Mutation, Thanks for reading and commenting on the pages, I'll try not to lapse into inactivity for long periods any more.

Oh and if any of you are in the Toronto Area and are going to Dot Con this weekend Stop by and Say Hi I'll be there doing commissions and trying to sell copies of the comic.

Cheers all