BloodTh on Feb. 7, 2008

I got permission from the origional author, Carkki, of DeviantArt, to bring this comic here. I did it under the condition that I would take absolutely no credit for the making, drawing, script, or ideas for the comic. It is true, I never had anythin' to do with this comic before now. Carkki already has nearly 150 pages posted on DA, so this one will run until either we run out of pages, or Carkki decides to end the comic. Also, I will put up Carkki's origional Author's Comments here as well. Slayer, send me a pq, I need to talk to you ASAP. I thought this was a good comic, and as such, I figured my DD readers might like it as well.

So… here it begins! The comic of Amy and Shadow… ^^