Chapter 11: Skyrunners, Page 37

Dark Pascual on May 27, 2013

RECAP: The gang is on Tosh Station, the only city that is not under control of either Mafias or Enforcers, but the Skyrunners, the owners of the only civilian skyship in the Wastelands.

Cyrus got captured by the Skyrunners and the rest of the gang is visiting the city, trying to stay away of trouble.

OK guys! Long time no see!! Basically had stock with things at work and had to do some rewrites, Hope I can say into a steady schedule, but let's see.

Sooo… couldn't resist the idea of just toss all those different bots and droids into a market… have to admit that I really liked to do that R2-Dalek…
Enjoy and CYA all soon!!!