Chapter 11: Skyrunners, Page 43

Dark Pascual on June 17, 2013

Can't believe it, finally come back and my PC fails on me… oh, well…

Just seen Man of Steel this weekend. I have to say, it is a REALLY good movie in my opinion, and don't understand why is getting so much negative reviews.

Superman is a really tough character to get right. The mix of absolute power and true kindness and humanity is rather difficult to nail down. Besides, I understand that Superman is a character that most people consider “boring” because of his firm moral compass, but I think that the movie did a great deal of effort on try to explain why Superman is the way he is, and why he is so firmly bonded with mankind.

Overall, I thought it was great. Beautiful cinematography, fantastic music, great design and great cast. And the last 45 minutes are a total blast.

Then again, I´m a HUGE Superman fanboy, so I may be biased.