Chapter 11: Skyrunners, Page 44

Dark Pascual on June 23, 2013

(Step on my little soap box)

To be honest, pulling off a Lawful Good character is kinda tricky. You have to have the right balance between the commitment with a moral code, and at the same time the commitment with doing good. A character that is more interested in enforcing the Law than make Good is NOT a Lawful Good character. At the same time, a Lawful Good character will oppose a villain that is using the law to hurt people.

A Paladin that is turning blind eye towards tyrants and corrupt governments is NOT a well written/played Lawful Good character.

A Superman Story where he doesn´t oppose to corrupt governments is NOT getting the core idea behind Superman. Or Captain America, for that matter.
A well played/written Lawful Good character has BOTH Law and Goodness as core principles, as he or she sees the one as a way to achieve the other.

That's why I'm more interested on the Superman/Captain America kind of character lately, because doing the brooding, cynic, 90's style antihero is cool, but it's been so overplayed, and it's just so damn easy to make it compelling lately, that making cool Lawful Good characters seem like a nice challenge.

(Step down of my soap box)