A Red Kiss - Chapter 2 page 12

ShadowsMyst on July 4, 2012

So back to Ben… (had you forgotten?) We also finally learn the last name
of the last vampire, who may not really be around that much longer, and
I get to show Ben’s nifty shaman powers. XD This was one of those
things I revised, as I felt the fetish he used to use (the weird sticky
thing if you remember) looked kinda.. well not very cool. The tattoos on
the other hand, much cooler.. and makes more sense in the scope of
things since Shaman are channeling the dream gods’ power and the tattoos
are a manifestation of the pact between the shaman and a dream god. So
when the shaman is actively drawing on their power they come to life in a
way. It also serves as a very good reference as to if they have the
favor of the god or not, because if they don’t, the tattoo would vanish.
So, any guesses as to how many tattoos Ben has?