A Red Kiss - Chapter 2 page 13

ShadowsMyst on July 9, 2012

En-thrall – Verb

1 -Capture the fascinated attention of.

Betcha you didn’t see that coming from a butterfly. And the full
extent of this Dream god’s power is still yet to be seen. Yes, Butterfly
is a dream god.What is a dream god you may ask? well its a good
question, which is actually answered in the forums if you care to dig,
but otherwise you’ll have to wait for an explanation a bit later for the
specifics, but Dream gods are the source of power for the Shifters. All
Shifters have a connection one that allows for them to shift into a
shape in that Gods’ portfolio, but some, like Ben, have the ability to
form pacts with more than one. These Shifters are known as Shaman, and
because their magic can directly affect vampires, they are pretty highly
valued and sought after for the side of order.
If you’ve been reading for a long time, you probably know some of the
stuff that happened for “The Beast Within”, and be at least a little
familiar with a few of the Dream Gods, but there will be much more of
them shown in this version, a stronger connection of them with the
Shifters and how they figure into things.
Also, punch to the face. Betcha didn’t expect that either. Ben punches hard.