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bomberanian on Dec. 31, 2006

As I will say many times, this is the picture that started it all. There were no characters, no plots, no story until I drew this picture. I just thought it looked so cool!

Now, I think she looks top-heavy and kinda goofy. But, it's okay.

The pink with the purple stars and the text was added afterward using Paint Shop Pro. (I don't have photoshop, nor to I plan to get it. GWAR to those who want to force me to get it!!) I put them up, because I wanted to have some kind of opening, rather than just diving right into the comic. Also, Comic Genesis requires those who sign up to submit a sample comic. The one I did (on the previous page) was just thrown together real quickly. This one, I took my time on. Look! I even put my name! ^^


Just a note, these were all taken from my site on Comic Genesis. But CG got some African meningitis, or something like that, and isn't working anymore. So, I packed up, and moved here! Yay! So you might hear me mention them from time to time, as all my comments were taken directly from the old site. Up until after page 17, all the pages are backdated. So, the dates are a little screwy (as DrunkDuck won't let me say that something is from 2006, which is when Shinseki started.) So, the original dates until 2007 will be posted at the bottom.

(November 18, 2006)