Chapter 2: Page 22

bomberanian on Aug. 10, 2007

Oh yeah… right… the whole being related thing. Oh, Misae. You're so smart. Why do you say something so stupid? XD

I was kinda bored, doing this one. I decided that I really, really hate drawing things. Things are bad. They're difficult. *fetal positionateses*

I don't really have a lot to say… Halfway through toning this one, I stopped for 2 hours to watch Top Model. By the way, I love Top Model. It's excellent, and great, and awesomness.

I dunno…. I just feel like I was really bored doing this one… I guess more accurately, I could say I was zombieish. If I was bored, I probably woulda left. But I just pressed through… I dunno… it's not that great a page. It's pretty mediocre. *shrug* Better luck next time.