My darling agent Kuo

Cyberpunkish on July 19, 2011

Hey everyone! Cyberpunkish here with a Shiro 4koma update! This is actually based on a real life situation for me. When I first put the game in (Infamous 2 for those who haven't played) I was hanging out with Akia and another friend of mine, Adam. Adam just graduated from SCAD and is looking to pursue a career in video games, so needless to say when it comes to gaming he's one of the people I hold in high regard. I mean c'mon, he trained under one of the minds of the team that worked on the game “Crisis”. So we're watching the opening scene, and then I fight the beast… and Kuo is yapping away in the background. I look at Adam and say “This is a character I am going to hate…”

Adam replies with something like “Apparently there are two main females in this game. Kuo represents good and the other chick represents bad.”

Alright. I wanted to play as a good guy first so I guess I HAVE to go with Kuo. Oh well. But damn, I do NOT like this chick…

THEN she gets kidnapped…

THEN she gets her powers…
I'm sitting here rescuing her and I'm like “Oh dear me. Is that ice?” Ice just happens to be my all time favorite element. I'm a sucker for girls with Ice powers. But still. It's frikin Kuo. She's annoying. No deal.

Then I look at her competition. Ms. swampy over there with no personality other than kill shit because it's fun. She has the freaky accent and she seems more than just a little childish… reminds me of a certain family member of mine's outlook on life so I'm like “Nope. Do not approve.”

Sure. Her character may get more depth is I accept her personal missions but as I stated from the get go, good guy first, bad guy second.

So I do my first mission with Kuo and her newfound powers. First off woah. She looks cute. Blue hair, nice clothes, Sub Zero arms. Heh. Then she gets all nice and flirty. Cole flirts back; she goes off on witty banter. It's awesome.

Oh and she can fly. Keeps showing me up as all I can do is hover slowly towards the ground. Damn I wish I could do that…

After we take down a graveyard full of baddies, I realize I LIKE this new Kuo! Yay! Aww. You have to go now Kuo? Well alright, we'll hang out again later! See ya!


I love you Agent Kuo. ^_^

Ahem. I mean Shiro loves you. I'm not weird like that… >.>

ONE MORE THING! I apologize for the crappy coloring. I forgot to use layers this time around and by the time I realized it I was already 3/4's of the way done so… Yeah. I'll do better next time.