Kiah on Jan. 27, 2008

Please don't judge the rest of the comic based on this awful title page. I think the rest of it is, artistically, not that bad. haha

This was done in the first hour of the comic. It sucked and I kind of don't like this title page at all.

Sisu is the Finnish principle that whatever must be done WILL be done, no matter the cost. I liked it so I used it as a title.

Also, this is a 24 hour comic. I completed it in under 24 hours, with no resting, very little eating, and as few pee-breaks as I could stand. The concept is to just drive straight ahead with the comic until it's done. Most 24 hour comics are not very involved but I couldn't help myself. I actually ended up finishing it in 22.5 hours and then collapsing face first into my bed very quickly thereafter.

In a 24 hour comic, you are not allowed to plan ahead of time. You can't write a story, develop characters, do thumbnails for pages, or sketch characters at all. I spent the first 10 minutes thinking of a basic story and then worked on it in my head as I went along.