freakenburger on Feb. 20, 2018

Finally some interaction with Sunny that doesn't end with conflict! If I recall correctly, that's a first! The bad news is that our friendly neighbourhood slasher isn't far from them. What happens next? Stay tuned to find out! And now for a rant! (feel free to disregard the rest of this comment if don't care or think it's gay, lol)

Well, sadly this page got delayed as fuck because of multiple factors. First we had the carnaval here, and that means “nobody works for a week in Brazil”. Then, just after it ended, Rio faced the worst storm in the century, making half the city go without energy, internet, phone and water for days. I went without power for a couple days, no internet for about 5. To serve as a cherry on top of a cake made of unfortunate stuff, my doctor tells me that, as an after effect of the chikungunya I had over a year ago, I developed joint degeneration. Welp, at least that explained why I feel this awful joint pain… Anyway, see you next page, or in the comments section!