Important Announcement!

Euron on Nov. 19, 2010

Hey, all! :D I'm NOT dead!
However, I have some actually GOOD news here! I'm getting back into my drawing mojo, and shall continue work on the next page ASAP.
I may ALSO be redoing some of the older pages and adding things into old pages that I forgot. :>
I'm also reworking parts of the story, because, lets face it, most of the story arcs I was working on were WAY too heavily based on One Piece, along with some characters.
Also, there were parts of the story I left out because, at the time, I hadn't thought of them (xD), So expect some older chapters (and by that I mean Chapter one and part of Chapter two) to have scenes that weren't there before.
So, that's pretty much all I can say for now. :>
I hope anyone still around is as eager as I am! =D