CG: 5

Cheeko on Sept. 3, 2007

Hoorah for lame cameos! :D
I really like how that top panel came out, even after all this time. :)

A quick guide to the CCDexes:
A-Z Mode: Puts all names into alphabetical order.
Threat Mode: Organizes all characters according to threat level (that's the mode it's in now).
Time Mode: Organizes all characters according to what time they joined the War.
Top right bar on left: Scrolls through the list.
Middle rectangle on left: keyboard.
Lower left button: On/Off switch.
Lower right button: ID pad (swipe your fingerprint to confirm your identity!).

Top Screen on Right: Displays an image of the hero/nemisis.
Bottom Screen on Right: Displays information/data (touch sensitive).