"Life Is Just Better Down Where It's Wetter"

Unmature on May 15, 2007

Welcome to page 1 of my new comic strip. I'm going to try for a tuesday, thursday, saturday update schedule. So come back 3 times a week for more updates. This strip will focus mostly on comic books but I'll joke about any type of nerd culture if I can make it funny (to myself anyway).

Today's strip:
I love Aquaman. In my opinion hes one of the coolest super heroes DC has and people can't see that because they're stupid. This is why people do most of the stuff they do. Aquaman can COMMAND fish. Not talk to them. He commands them. With his mind. They do his bidding. And not just fish. Aquatic mammalia. You know how big a humpback whale is? Do you want that smackin the crap out of your boat? Didn't think so. And he rules the 7 seas. You know how much of the Earth is covered with water? Like 70%. That's more than HALF. So technically he rules the world. And he can breathe unerwater. So that's pretty cool too.