Sir_Sniper on June 13, 2010

So, this is my little repentance for not updating in so long. And while I don't have a legitimate excuse for not updating, I at least should explain my mindset.
1. For awhile I was feeling really self-conscious about my drawing skills. I would look at other artists' work and go, “I'll never be able to draw like that” and spiral into a small case of webcomic-related depression, in which I didn't feel like drawing. And, also, I've been working on getting better at my drawing, when I wasn't completely discouraged, which has made me more confident. So, I'm over my depression now, and I'll get back into the routine.
2. I really want to go back to my old domain. Like, crazy want. I actually have in my possession, and would love to move back there, where I'd have more freedom to do as I please. However, I just don't have the coding know-how to design a website from scratch, and while I'd love to use wordpress/comicpress, every attempt I've made to “install” them has failed, which leads me to believe that my hosting plan doesn't give me the capability to use them. Therefore, I need to upgrade it, but that involves MONEY.
3. For the last couple of months, I've been crazy busy with graduating, summer plans, finishing school, getting ready for college, and all sorts of stuff. So, comics kinda fell on the backburner. But now that I'm graduated, and college is pretty much settled, Sofa Wars should pick back up again. (However, I'm going to work at a summer camp for five weeks, so I'll try to be prepared for that, but feel free to send guest comics if you want)

And with that, I think I've summed up why I've been gone to all those who are wondering (yes, I'm talking to YOU, Jeemee).

Now some of you might me asking, “Well, that's all fine and dandy, but why not just update with a comic strip?” The answer to that is that my ruler is missing. I actually do the entire strip on paper, which means I have to draw the panels, too. As, such, with my ruler gone, I'm a little limited in what I can do for the comic. But I should have it back by next monday, since I know where it is, so expect a comic then.