Some of the main characters

Gabe Puratekuta on May 19, 2009

Just thought I'd show a couple characters that would be in the comic. It goes

#1- Gabriella Puratekuta/Sailor Sol
The lead character and reincarnation of princess Solaris of the Sun Kingdom, in which the story would be mostly following. Recently, she's been having odd dreams about what would have been if her parents didn't die

#2- Kikyo Saionji
The second lead and reincarnation of the Valkyrie Raya. She's Gabe's lover, as was her former incarnation to Solaris. She's concerned of what the dreams are showing her and wants to help in any way she can

#3- Honoka Tanaka
Schoolteacher and Gabe's cousin. She gives emotional (and secretly financial when needed) support to Gabe, even if it does interfere with her skirt-chasing

#4- Dr. Yui Asikara
Physician and Honoka's childhood friend. She also gives emotional support, although her secret crush on her friend sometimes reverses that role

#5- Sapphira
A mysterious elderly woman that appears out of nowhere to give advice. Details surrounding her are almost completely unknown other than the fact that she always talks like Yoda

#6- Nina Puratekuta
Gabe's deceased mother. She, along with her husband Tayuke, died when Gabe was only three. She was a very loving woman and, ever since a mysterious young woman appeared to her when she was in college, accepted her death. She's often seen in Gabe's recent dreams