TrentTheFox on Sept. 21, 2010

ACTUAL UPADTE! WOOT! XD (As usual, I like the revive effect X3)

Ok, my head kind of hurts due to the pollen or something. I don't know, my head's been hurting since 3 days ago. In other news, the prolouge to my drawn comic is done, I'm working on the cover page for Chapter1 of the 1st Arch “Rizon Division”, and I finnally have a name for the comic (I'm really undeceive when it comes to things like that)! It's called “Elemental Crest Chronicles”. The 1st Arch pretty much takes place at the school, so yeah. Oh, a couple of my characters that will be in my RPG “Radiant Chronicles”(that's the name for now anyways) are in the comic, but might have different personalities from the RPG, but that'll be a while till the RPG's done. Anywho, I'll try and make SAO comics and upload them when I can :D