Calm down calm down

Resi4ever on Oct. 19, 2009

Frame 1 and 2 are somewhat off Metal Gear Solid (Where Meryl dodges all the claymore mines without a detector)

To explain the glide, remember they are on the 13th floor

And seems Cream can really fly off the handle, going by her expression. I had no sprites where Cream was showing any anger but I think I sprited the extreme of her anger…

My laptop is still away, so tomorrow I am going to phone up and give a good shouting. But as I also discovered, while the Lord taketh with one hand, boy does he giveth with the other. In this case a massive helping of vindication and gratification >=)

I have also drawn the line here. Can anyone recommend any good speech bubble tutorials for photoshop, or at least I would be massively grateful. (If its any help, I have photoshop CS3)