1--The Squeaky Spoon

Explodian on May 16, 2012

Well, after two years of preparation, we're ready to go.  Welcome to the comic!  I've poured all the blood, sweat and tears I had available into it, and it's great to finally be posting.  

A note on the art:  The first thirteen pages have two problems–they're from 2010, and my artistic ability has improved quite a bit since then, and they were drawn in Manga Studio without a pressure-sensitive tablet.  They kind of suck, so I went back and colored them to make them a little better.  Page 14 onwards, it's all hand-drawn and more recent.  Essentially, expect the quality of the pages to improve in leaps and bounds for a while, and only the first section is in color, for now.

Page 2 will be up tomorrow, Page 3 the day after that.  After that I'll probably switch to a bi-weekly schedule.