Chapter 3 page 22

j giar on Feb. 12, 2009

I just couldn't let it go. After last weeks post and all the confusion, I just needed to bridge the gap between page 21 and 22. Hell that wasn't a gap it was a chasm. But thanks to all you good peoples out there for the help and input. Hopefully this will set things back in place and we can continue.
You don't realize how hard it is to go back and tie two pages back together that were separated. So it has bits and parts from each to hopefully re-create the flow of the story that was fragmented.
I did put a little parsnip in this. If you'll notice the tall, silent gent that has been on Koikes left side bares a striking resemblance to him. Hmm. Maybe his brother…maybe not.
So next week we move on. Inching closer to the end of this chapter. Now off to see Friday the 13th, which opens today. My wife's takin' me for Valentines Day. If that's not love, I don't no what is. See you all next week. Jim