Prologue Page 1

Torino on Jan. 25, 2011

It's the first installment! It's 3 whole pages to start with, as a prologue.
I considered the whole prologue in colour, but abandoned that idea pretty quickly. Since I wanted at least something in colour, I decided to colour page 3 (more about that on the actual page 3 page)

Something interesting about Sydney's character design: he's not based on the Australia character from Hetalia at all. Although he doesn't really look like him anyway, Himaruya (the artist of Hetalia) recently uploaded this picture of Australia to his blog with sunglasses on his head like Sydney. It surprised me a bit, because I'd finalized Sydney's design in June-ish 2010 and it was odd just how much Australia looked like Sydney with those sunglasses (Himaruya had never drawn him with sunglasses before this). It got me thinking about why Himaruya had decided to put sunglasses on Australia, and also why I had made the subconscious decision to put them on Sydney. Is wearing sunglasses on your head a much more Australian douchey behaviour than I thought and I just wasn't aware? Anyway.