Galactic Defender

sasjhwa on Feb. 10, 2012

Doing the large scale photo is difficult.  Lighting is hard, Focus is tricky.  I think it gets the message across though.  

Here we see the elite starship of Space Squad Zeta.  I'm using the basic Galactic Enforcer model (Lego set 5974)  I pulled off the prison pods and added the orange pods.  Caleb says they are for storage since the ship is intended to be a long range ship.  I'm not using the ATV. I assume the back of the ship is the bathroom and bunks.  I also took off the two fighter ships attached to the back.  I like how the ship looks with them but they made the model too long for decent pictures.

Vince of course has his own personal fighter.  What kind of reckless loner doesn't have his own fighter?

T'Krondran Braxx loves figures of speech.  He doesn't really understand them though, clearly.