Parking Problems

KDog on Jan. 17, 2010

And here we have it, the first appearance of Commander Schwartz! For some reason, it's a little weird to me that he didn't appear in the first comic, but whatever. I don't believe I had his personality planned out, although it went on naturally from this, and he did star in the initial outline for the “Meteor Madness” story that was the first thing I ever wrote for this comic.

This page still amuses me, and was the basis of the first (soon-to-be-released) Space Audiobook. And I really like how the background crisply contrasted with the characters.

The introduction of aliens actually caused a problem for me when, IN THE VERY NEXT COMIC, I introduced a story about the UFO aliens, which are meant to be mankind's first widely-known alien encounter. I later explained that Earth had met the native Martians, but had grown a bit bored of them and now considers real aliens to come from outside the solar system (which I think would happen). I am going to return to the idea of these other aliens terrorizing the Mars astronauts in a future story, but not until after the UFO story plays out.

-This is not an official Lego comic. This is a tribute.

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