Cover Page of Spirit of the Samurai Chapter 1!

Lace on March 11, 2007

I've finally finished the cover for the first chapter of Spirit of the Samurai! I hope I did well and sorry for the little bit of sloppiness in it. I know that I tend to color outside of the lines sometimes (zentora pointed it out to me and ive noticed too). It took me around a week to complete this and i think it came out fairly well. I kinda liked coloring it too. I hope I can get the actual comic to look as good as the cover. I'm gonna start on the prologue page now.

When I first made the Spirit of the Samurai series I was back in high school and I started off with Mina Akagi's great grandfather (for those of you who are confused, Mina is the girl on the cover). I decided to start the series off with her first and work my way backwards. It's unique and it will present alot of surprises. ENJOY!