Split Screen 126

Jaymzeecat on Feb. 13, 2014

Well, here it is. This is the very last update of Split Screen! The Kickstarter is now launched!  You can check it out here… if for no other reason than to laugh at my video, haha: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jaymzbernard/split-screen-graphic-novel

The Kickstarter offers a lot of original Split Screen art, including the original art for this page! I hope the campaign goes really well, I'm not really sure what to expect since I have never done this before. I am currently working on reward incentives. I completed the poster. I've gotten the sketches done for the 3 print set I'm offering so I'm planning to ink and color those over the next two days. I still need to come up with sticker, button, tote bag, and tee shirt designs, sketch the book cover and chapter header pages and get the epilogue done. There's still some work to be done updating the older pages for the book, but I don't anticipate that will take too much longer.

Thank you guys so much for being fans of Split Screen! I really never thought there would be so much great response to the series. I sincerely hope you enjoy this last update and really like the epilogue I have in store for the book! I'll be updating the Kickstarter when I finish with art and designs every step of the way! Hope to see you over there! :)

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