New sprites

mooglessaykupo on Sept. 28, 2008

First the Archer

Job Class: Ranger
Actual Job: Hunter
Name: ???? (you decide)
Age: 15
She and her sister are of special origin. They were born of an Eildion father and a Human mother. The father was the king of Eldions Leviathan. The queen Asura was not happy when she found the children and banished them onto the earth. This one was able to surpass all rangers in Speed, Stealth, and Weaponery. Having an Eildion father grants her the ability to fuse magic into her arrows. She can speak all animal langauges and Eildion as can her sister. Only her or a highly powerful mage, wizard, or priest can return her sister ti normal after her Eildion possesions.
Battle commands:
Magic arrow
Call: calls forest animals for help in battle somtimes call Eildions
Exorcise: Rids her sister of her eildion possesion

Summoners time

Job Class: Cleric
Actual Job: Eildion Medium
Name: Maudin
Age: 15
having the same decent as her sister she too was banushed into the human relm. Bothe her and her sister were raised by forest animals so they both can speak in all languages. Once she gets possesed by an Eildion she speaks its langauge and can use its attacks with no mp cost but the eildion cannot leave her body on its own except for the chocobo Eildion. She has no control over Bahamut and so she only allows him to possess her as a last resort however he has been known to possess her randomly and wreak havoc.She can also use blue magic.
These are her battle commands
Blue magic