This is on Mars, btw... **Filler: Not related to Stain on The Nation**

ParkerFarker on March 8, 2010

This is a page for my upcoming comic, The Most Awesome Things in The Universe. It is a compilation of things that, in my opinion, are among the most awesome things in the universe (hence the creative name). So basically it's just going to be stuff like this. Over the top. Non-Sensical. Time-collisions. Awesome.
edit: this comic I'm talking about might not happen.

Also there was a new page of the story for yesterday, so if you haven't seen that, go check it out… Or you'll die… probably not… but maybe…

I drew this while listening to Lonely London Lad, I highly recommend them and am just telling you now, you should have a listen in on this Lonely Londonian Lad's music.