10. Gettin' Out... Out There.

ParkerFarker on March 14, 2010

Well, as promised, here is the next page. If you weren't aware that there was an update (two counting the promotion-filler) last week, I would advice you go and look at that (those counting the promotion filler) page (pages counting the promotion-filler… Ok, I'll stop). So go have a look if you haven't already and then come on back here and read this page.

This is definitely not my best art. Just go back one page to see that. The inking in this isn't too great. I like panel three but this page just isn't that awesome. So there's a lot of things this page is not. Heh heh, even Mo has some loose wrists in that last panel.

Well next week I'm sure will be better. So I'll see you then… unless the world ends… but that prolly won't happen.